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Sick & Tired

Gina is recovering nicely from her C-section two weeks ago today.  And Abigail is just the perfect little baby.  She rarely cries and seems content to just be with us.  We love it when she opens her eyes and looks around.  What a princess!

I, however, have been sick for the last week.  I think the stress of dealing with Abby’s birth and caring for both Gina & Abby caught up with me.  Hopefully I will get better over the next two days, before I have to return to work.

Tomorrow we will be heading to Omaha for the day to meet with Abby’s doctor for her two-week appointment and to visit with Gina’s grandmother.  I also plan to stop in with some attorneys that Dale knows and see if they can tell me anything.

Work has been going okay.  Normally it is fairly quiet and I don’t have much to do all day, but the last week has been very busy for me, including a few serious rules infractions that I have uncovered.  It has been exciting, although it hasn’t led to many accolades or anything.

We got the bill for Abby’s birth, and it was a little over $12,000 for Gina and about $1500 for Abby.  The Abby expenses were ridiculous, including an amount for the nursery, which we rarely used, and an expensive hearing test, which we never wanted nor authorized.  Obviously, the expenses for Gina were bloated as well.  This whole ordeal has really called into question how I feel about insurance.  I had been thinking that health insurance was an unnecessary expense that we could drop.  My insurance premiums are $3300/year, with a maximum out-of-pocket of $8000 for the family.  I had been thinking we are all relatively healthy and rarely ever want to go to the doctor’s.  If we discontinue insurance and pay on a cash basis, surely we could save money.  Plus, insurance doesn’t cover alot of the non-traditional healthcare approaches we would like to try, like chiropractors and midwives.  Then this C-section hit us.  I never thought I would be looking at a $16000 bill for this delivery;  I always thought I would only be paying $2000 for a midwife.  I wonder how much that bill would have been if we weren’t insured.

Ah, well, it’s too late now, anyway.  I already signed up for health insurance through 2008.

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