Plan for the next week

My parents are coming to town tomorrow, so I thought I should lay out a plan for their visit.

18 – Parents arrive in Omaha.  I work, so Gina & the kids will pick them up.

19 – Time to get to work.  I have the day off, so we should process about 17 cockrels and 1 pullet.  The pullet has been having trouble being pecked and is missing almost all of her tail feathers now.  She has twice been a bloody mess.  For the processing, we need a way to hang the chickens while they bleed, and a way to keep water warm for the scalding.  We will also use the Whizbang Chicken Plucker I built to remove any chicken feathers.  I would rather do this in the afternoon when it will be warmest (forecasted high of 41 with 30% chance of snow).  We could go to Lincoln in the morning to pick up 1/4″ drywall or wallboard for the kitchen.

20 – Another day off for me.  I would like to get drywall up in the kitchen and clean out the barn.

21 – Third day off.  The ABF pups should be delivered today.  We will want them backed in so they face the barn and can be easily unloaded.  We will probably spend Friday and Saturday unloading the pups into the barn.

22 – Fourth day off.  Spend the day unloading pups into the barn.

23 – Last day off.  We could visit a PCA church in Lincoln (for my parents’ sake).  Then perhaps we could do some visiting in Lincoln and/or Fremont.

24 – Christmas eve.  I will be home in the morning.  Perhaps in the afternoon Gina and the folks could go to Omaha to visit family.

25 – Christmas day.  Yeah!  What a fun day this should be!

26 – Another day off.  It would be nice to put up some wall cabinets before my Dad leaves.

27 – My last day off but also the day my folks leave for NM.  I would rather work an overtime shift than have to drive them to the airport, but we shall see what is expected of me.

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