First Eggs


This past week we got our first eggs from our chickens!  Last weekend, I finished with some nest boxes for the chickens, and on Monday, the kids found a little brown ‘pullet egg’ behind one of the trash cans we use to store feed.  Gina fried that first egg and shared it among us and you should have heard the kids rave.  They thought that was the best egg they had ever tasted.  Through the rest of the week, we have found six more eggs.  Five of those eggs were brown, and one was green!  Two of the brown eggs have been broken when found, so we will have to be more careful about finding eggs.  I think they were both broken because they had been left out in the coop for so long that the egg froze.

The chicks turned 20 weeks old this week, so these eggs are coming a bit early.  In won’t be long now before we are drowning in eggs!


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3 responses to “First Eggs

  1. How exciting! We are looking forward to getting our first chickens this summer. I’m sure we will think our first egg is the best one we have ever tasted, too. 😀

  2. Joe

    Sweet! Green eggs and ham!

  3. I will never forget the excitement when we found our first egg. I was out mowing and looked over and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a pullet egg layed on the floor of the chicken pen. You would have thought I just won a bunch of money. =)

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