How did it get to be March 8th?

 And why is it just 3° when I wake up in March?  I thought it would be warmer.  I am still in need of long, warm days without rain to ‘finish’ the garage.  Now more than ever I want it done, because the chickens have discovered what a wonderful place it is to hang out, lay eggs, and roost in the rafters!  I want to put a whole in the roof for a chimney, so I can install the shingles around it and keep the rain out, and I want to install the garage door before much longer, in order to keep the chickens out.  I am looking at taking some time off from work in order to get these things done.

I also want to build a portable chicken coop soon.  I am thinking of using skids rather than a wagon or trailer.  I am hoping to build it light enough that it won’t get too stuck in any mud.  I need to plan it out, but I am thinking it will be 8×12 and will serve as a place for the chickens to roost in at night and to lay their eggs.

I also need to build a chicken tractor (for 25 meat birds) and rabbit tractors (3) for the spring.  I found some plans I want to use and will post them as soon as I remember where I found them.

I really want to start fellowshipping regularly with other members of Christ’s body.  We have met many believers here in Johnson County that I am just so excited about, including one man who works at the prison with me and also home schools his children.

I am frustrated with the cold and with my growing list of things to get done.  I need help, but grow tired of asking for help.

As a piece of good news, I did finally receive my discharge certificate from the Air Force, so I have completed my application for the reserves and am looking forward to hearing about my assignment.


God bless you with grace and peace.

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One response to “How did it get to be March 8th?

  1. Well, we just got hit with the big snow storm, but we were able to get dug out and go to town, today. We didn’t need to, but it was nice.

    We are going to build a coop this year, too. It should be fun. I hope it all works out for you.


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