Escape From Sobibor

Over the past two nights, Gina and I watched “Escape from Sobibor.”

Escape From Sobibor

Sobibor was a nazi death camp in eastern Poland and is also the site of the largest successful escape.  From what I can gather, this was a made-for-TV movie, so it is without bad language or on-screen violence, but this definitely does not make it child-appropriate.  There is much off-screen violence, and obviously the themes of the movie should be disturbing to most.  The acting is a bit wooden at times, but the movie is so powerful because it details and illustrates such a horrid time in our past.  It is just hard for me to believe that such crimes could be perpetrated, and yet I don’t doubt that these things happened.  And they only happened 65 years ago.  This movie led me to a better understanding of how these camps worked, but it also gave a frightening glimpse into the psychological torture the prisoners underwent.  The prisoners did anything just to survive, but ended up living with so much guilt because of the way they had to deal with the death of their families and friends.

Overall, I recommend this movie to any adult.

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