Garage Roof Done

Yesterday evening we finally finished the garage roof.  That roof has been my nemesis for months now and has been a source of near-constant frustration.  It all began with the trusses that didn’t stand vertically, then the struggles to put up roof sheathing, tar paper that blew away in our ‘breezes,’ and a chimney that I’m still not sure is done right.  But yesterday we all worked hard at laying shingles and last night I finally put shingles over the ridge line, completing the shingling.  Now I just need a good evening to slather on the roofing cement in the areas that need it.  Finally, no more water (I hope) pouring through the roof and getting all my tools and nails wet.

The other day (Thursday) we were all on the roof working (Gina, Caleb, Meagan & I).  Abby was inside sleeping.  The wind was blowing hard and we were all thinking about quitting, but I was afraid that would be the last nice day to work, and I was dreading letting any more water pour through the roof.  Then we noticed that the ladder had been blown over in the wind, so we were all stranded on the roof.  Gina and I argued over who would jump, when we noticed a car coming along the road.  We ran to the peak of the roof and tried to wave them into our drive, but they just waved back at us.  Then Caleb volunteered to jump.  So we lowered Caleb down and dropped him the last foot.  He was so brave and courageous.  What a joy it was to see him drop down from the roof and run around and lift the ladder back into place.  My hero!


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2 responses to “Garage Roof Done

  1. LOL! That was funny. (I’m sure it was not so funny at the time, but I tend to laugh hysterically in times like those, while the people with me, if there are any, are getting angry at me…) LOL! I’m glad the roof is done. 😀

  2. Next time I see some one wave at me, maybe instead of waving back, I should stop!! =) I am glad you had your courageous young man with you.

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