Comment sent to Governor Rick Perry of Texas

I am a former Texas resident and still a licensed Texas attorney.  Seeing what is going on in Texas with the FLDS compound is greatly distressing to me.  I DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY VIEWS HELD BY THE FLDS, but I fail to see how what is happening in Texas isn’t a complete and utter violation of the constitutions of Texas and the US.  As I understand it, based on the allegations of one 16-year-old, state and local authorities of interrupted (devastated) the lives of hundreds of families.  And state authorities are pointing to the fact that many children don’t have birth certificates as though this is some reason to delay the return of these children to their parents.  I am disgusted and considering making a trip to Texas to see if I can help these families fight back against such a tyrannical government that seems to believe it can disrupt any family it chooses whenever said government chooses.  Like I said, I don’t agree with their beliefs, but at the same time, these people are pursuing a dream and a vision and the state of Texas is pillaging the whole community because of the allegations of one teen girl.



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4 responses to “Comment sent to Governor Rick Perry of Texas

  1. Well, it turns out that the accusations were not made at all by a teen girl, but by another grown woman who made it all up. They are seeking to prosecute the woman who made the false charges but still refuse to release the children – though the entire raid was made on a false pretense. The sheriff as much as admitted that he had wanted to do this earlier, but did not have “probably cause”. Probable cause was created by the false “tip” received from a 31 year old woman with a grudge.

    I am ashamed of my state.


  2. sm

    I wonder. Would the state take my children and the children of all the members of my (former) bricks & mortar church if an unknown 16 yr old called the authorities stating she and several other children had been sexually molested by one or more ministers of the church, and that the church taught – as opposed to polygamy – some other doctrine from the Bible. SM

  3. beth

    Help them if you are able! Their lives are being destroyed and the parental rights of all of us odd christian types are threatened.

    ~ Beth

  4. Joey

    This type of behavior has been going on for years. There are people within the government who continue to vilify people that are ‘abnormal’ and outside their boundaries of acceptable. As more and more people of different faiths see the fundamental problems with the current and future U.S. leadership and work to separate themselves from that system this will continue to get worse.

    Just watch a few of the popular crime/drama shows. My wife and I were watching one the other night and we couldn’t believe how the ‘detectives’ in the show pushed the ‘alleged’ criminal to giving up so much information, the average person is being desensitized everyday to how to properly protect themselves again tyrannical individuals.

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