Too Much to Talk About

It seems like I never have the time to post, but when I do have the time to post, there is so much to talk about that I can’t decide what to talk about so I don’t end up posting.

I have what I consider to be exciting news!  I will be activated by the Air Force starting tomorrow.  The request is for me to do 7 months, but for now the orders will be for 4 months and they will see if they can extend the additional 3 months in September.  I have been shocked by the Air Force’s ability to get this done in a quick fashion.

This is a huge deal to my family financially.  We struggle to get by on my Nebraska state employee salary, but Uncle Sam has always been good to me.  The only real drawback is the commute.  I will commute from home every day, which means 150 miles round-trip every day.  The good thing is that the commute is all 60-65 mph road, so it typically takes me 75 minutes to cover the 75 miles one-way.

Obviously I am excited about getting started.

In other news, Gina and kids are doing well and are wrapping up the school year to enjoy the great outdoors.  The other night we hid out in the basement for a while as the winds were 60-70 mph and we were under a tornado warning.  Abby is growing so fast and now rolls over at will and has started to sample various foods.  Annabelle (the cow) seems to have mastitis, so we are working on helping her fight that but are relieved that we think we have found the problem.  Bert (her calf) is a cute guy that doesn’t want anything to do with us;  Annabelle is at least very sociable, though.  The goats are doing well and growing.  We spent yesterday moving chickens out of the coop and cleaning out the coop — we now have a huge compost pile!  The hens seem to be doing well out on the pasture, although that coop lost its roof the other day, leading to emergency repairs.  The rabbits kindled yesterday!  We know one of the litters had 8 kits in it, but we didn’t inspect the other litter.  We are very excited about our growing collection of rabbits.  The kittens have been growing; unfortunately we still have three of them.  They are funny to watch and are learning to accept our presence.  We also have 100 chicks (minus the 5-6 that have died) in our basement ready to move into the coop today.  These are all meat birds that I look forward to eating someday.

Gotta go…


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2 responses to “Too Much to Talk About

  1. I have enjoyed reading your journey for awhile now. I think this is the first time I have posted though.

    Congratulations on the new work. 75 minutes of driving does not sound like fun, but, the Lord has provided some work for you.

    Are you processing your own chickens?

  2. Hi there,

    I’m a Nebraska hillbilly myself, born and bred, with scads of family in eastern Nebraska to prove it. Glad to see there are still agrarians in the state; not just agri-business serfs.

    Also glad I found you. May the Lord protect you on those long drives. I assume you’ll be working in Omaha?


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