Major Select

I have been off line for a while because I have been just so busy. That doesn’t mean I am important, it just means I haven’t been taking time to spend on the computer that could be spent elsewhere, probably to greater profit. I owe several posts, but I figured I would start with this one, since it is a fairly big deal for me and the family but is really not all that momentous that it deserves a ton of explanation.

The other day (way back in June), the Air Reserve Personnel Center announced that they had selected several people for promotion to Major and I was one of them! That means that next May I will be a Major in the US Air Force Reserve. More to follow, it’s breakfast time at our house!



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2 responses to “Major Select

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! More money I suppose? More responsibility as well. A while ago you posted about a new job. How’s it going so far?

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