Processing weekend

Well, we have taken another step down the road to understanding our homesteading deal.  Before the weekend, we had about 115 chickens in the yard, plus our 35 chicken laying flock out in the pasture.  Yesterday and today we processed about 22 chickens (cornish cross).  Both days we stopped by about 9:30, which is a fairly respectable rate, I think.  They dressed out at about 5 pounds each, meaning much meat for all!

I haven’t been posting much lately, largely because I feel like there isn’t enough time for other recreational pursuits, let alone posting to my blog.  We continue to meet with one other family to try to learn more about what it means to function as the church.  The kids have started in on another year of homeschooling, Meagan in 2nd grade & Caleb in 4th.  Meagan just turned 7 and we went to the zoo and bowling to celebrate.  I have been called to active duty at Offutt AFB and am loving spending my days there, although it means very long days at work.  Still, I feel it is less damaging to my soul than working at the prison was.  I am hoping to stretch out my time at Offutt until next Summer, but we will see what the Lord has planned for us.  My parents will be returning from the Ukraine for a visit in August-September and then will return to Ukraine for what I hope is their last year.

The Summer is really wearing on me, and the 12-hour days away from home aren’t helping.  Last weekend, we spent time with family, which was great right up until a brick fell on my head, splitting it (my head) open and requiring 7 staples.  This put me on my back the rest of the weekend, which was relaxing but not very productive.

I have a new book I’m reading, Reimagining Church.  More to follow…

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