35th Birthday

I hit the 1/3-of-the-way mark the other day.  It is a bit hard for me to believe.  Have I always heard adults saying the same thing their whole lives and never understood it?  I don’t feel much different from when I was half this age.  Obviously, I move slower and have a bigger belly and work harder and longer hours and don’t spend anywhere near the same amount of time just goofing off.  But, basically, I don’t feel any different.

Let me try again to catch you up.  In August-September, my parents came to visit.  My Mom made sure my lawn got mowed for the second time since we moved in a year ago!

My Dad celebrated his 59th Birthday.

We processed chickens (Caleb needed stitches), held our first annual farm day (no pictures), and put vinyl siding on the garage, finally.

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