Grand Announcement

Once again I am behind in making the great announcements and keeping any readers I may have left aware of what is happening in our lives.  I apologize for the delay, but my youngest has been wanting to share something for a couple weeks.  In fact, she shared weeks ago on my wife’s blog and on my son’s blog.

Unfortunately, many people did not initially understand the importance of what Abby was trying to communicate.  So take a moment and consider what she is trying to tell you here.  Remember, she is my youngest.  And we aren’t trying to say anything about size.  And she is almost one year old. So if she isn’t saying anything about how plump she is, she must be saying …

Okay, if you don’t have it yet (or even if you do), Abby is a big sister to a baby that is developing inside Gina.  We hope to all meet Abby’s younger sibling in late June 2009!  Stay tuned for more late updates.

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  1. Congratulations on a new little one for your family!!!

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