Decision to be Made

Okay.  Last week I went to Cabela’s intending to buy a new pistol.  I don’t have a certificate from the Sheriff’s office saying I am not a danger to society, so I couldn’t buy it last week.  But I didn’t know that until the end of the shopping trip.  When I walked in, I knew I wanted a Baby Glock, which is a subcompact 9mm semiautomatic pistol.  I wanted this pistol because I wanted a 9mm (easier to shoot for Gina and the kids as they grow up), I wanted a subcompact (who needs all that bulk), and because Glock makes a good, safe, reliable pistol. Just to be clear, we are looking for a pistol that can be worn around the farm for personal and livestock protection as we are out working, without all the bulk of a rifle.  The most likely targets will be Coyotes, Raccoons, Opossums, and Skunks.  We may someday be interested in carrying concealed, but we aren’t at this point.

I told the salesman what I was looking for, and he recommended I take a look at the Springfield XD-9, which comes as a compact and is a 9mm. The Springfield XD-9 included some features that he liked, such as a visual indicator on the back and top of the pistol that there is a cambered round and a back safety, which requires pressure on the back of the pistol grip as the trigger is pulled.  Otherwise the pistol won’t fire.  Springfield is a US company, but the XD-9 is manufactured in Croatia.

So then another customer comes up and asks me if I have ever held the Smith & Wesson M&P, which also comes as a 9mm compact pistol.  More incredibly minor points to be made, no back safety, but the trigger is easier to pull if you have a gloved hand.  The customer felt like you want the pistol to go bang when you pull the trigger and you don’t want a fancy trigger or a back safety preventing you from a successful firing experience.  Agreed.  Smith & Wesson is a US company that still manufactures their weapons in the US.

While there, we also looked at some really tiny pistols, like a .22-caliber pistol and a .380-caliber.  I didn’t feel like these pistols were as well made as those listed above.

So, anybody out there have any votes or recommendations?


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2 responses to “Decision to be Made

  1. We have XD’s in .40 and .45 and can recommend them. I’m not a large-boned woman, and either fits my hands well. Trigger pull is light enough to be comfortable for me. I hate a stiff trigger! Also, the slide isn’t so stiff that I have to struggle with it. All considerations from a woman’s point of view. Feel free to email with any questions that my husband David might answer for you.


  2. My favorite around the farm gun is my H&R .22 revolver. Its a nine shot with a heavy frame, made in the USA and has killed more critters than all the other guns I have combined. They don’t make it anymore, so you’d need to find a used one. Sub compact 9mms are fine for “city critters of the 2 legged variety” but I’ve never liked them for varmint control. I also carry a Ruger Redhawk .44 during deer season and when the bears are prowling around. The 9mm is a good “going to town” town gun though, I used to have a Star Firestar that I really liked. These days a tote a little snub nosed .38.

    Just my thoughts

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