Electronic Gaming Vacation

For the last week-and-a-half, I have been on an electronic gaming vacation.  Normally, I am quite obsessive about playing electronic games (on the computer or Nintendo).  But, of course, this takes time away from things I should be doing:  reading, checking on the animals, farm projects.  I don’t normally allow the games-playing to interfere with absolute essentials, but it does normally limit the amount of time I have available for the important things.  So I am taking a vacation from that so that I can focus more on reading, animals, and projects.

It has been great so far.  Occasionally, I am tired, frustrated, and bored and really want to play, but I resist the temptation.  The progress I have made in the garage has been great!  I have finished putting insulation and drywall on the walls, and now I have a stack of drywall for the ceiling.  I bought a drywall lift that allows me to lift the sheets of drywall to the ceiling without any help, thus making this a one-person job.  I have put up six of the sheets so far — it is a bit slow-going, but it seems to be working well.  The biggest challenge is working around all the junk I have accumulated in the garage.  I plan to try to complete the drywall on the ceiling this weekend, then I will want to get insulation to blow into the attic space.  I also still need to cut out the soffit vents and install the chimney for the wood-burning stove.  Once the insulation is blown into the attic space, I want to put some decking in the attic space in order to provide a platform to store items in that attic space.  Hopefully this can all be done by mid-January.

Future projects still include:

  1. repairing the minivan from its trip into the ditch (before February);
  2. putting a roof and walls on the duck-house (before mid-March);
  3. fencing pasture to prepare for trees and water pipes (unknown deadline)
  4. digging holes for trees (by mid-April);
  5. preparing the garden by moving pigs out to pasture, preparing beds/paths (by mid-May);
  6. building a whizbang chicken scalder (before Summer);

I feel like there are more projects in need of my attention, but I can’t think of them now.  But even this exercise has been helpful — bottom line is I need to complete the garage and get the minivan fixed immediately.  So that I can get to the other projects in a timely manner.

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