Digging It

Digging finally began!  Only 8 weeks behind (my) schedule, but it has finally begun!  On Thursday, August 27, a traxcavator and backhoe started tearing up my yard to the East and South of the house.  On Tuesday the backhoe was dropped off and on Wednesday, Gary Kuhl showed up to use a demolition saw to cut the concrete to the Southwest of the house.  So we knew it was coming.  But the fun really started on Thursday as Gary & Don started moving dirt.  What fun it was, too.


Above, you can see Don preparing to work with the traxcavator.


I guess a ‘before’ picture would be nice.  It won’t look like this ever again…


This is Gary removing the cement on the South side of the house.


And Don starting to dig out the new driveway.


At the end of day one, still some more digging to go.


But obviously they moved tons of dirt on that first day.  We are just so happy to finally have started.


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