You only get one pre-pour picture today.  There is a limit to how many pictures of holes in the ground with rebar in them I can post.  I know, I know, what’s my excuse for all the other photos?  Bah.


The first concrete of our new addition.  Isn’t it special looking?


Here you have the crew working to pour the footings:  Kenny holding the chute, Kevin and the kid smoothing it out.  Oh, and Caleb supervising.


Okay, so it really isn’t that much different from the last one.  But at least it has people in it.  And now that I went to all the trouble of loading it, I’m not going to delete it.


Now these are some fascinating pictures, huh?


At least this one has a better shot of the greenhouse in the background.


And the tire treadmarks make it look like someone has already been using the garage.


And have I talked about this yet?  I’m not sure I have, so I will just leave the picture and no commentary.

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