In May, my wife had her birthday (her 29th I think), and Caleb & I got her a new game, Agricola.  I, like Mark Twain, am often impressed by my parents.  Both of them recognized that Agricola is latin for farmer.  They both mispronounced it, but they still understood the word.

Agricola is, without a doubt, the best board game I have ever played.  In the game, each player has a small farm and 2 people who live on that farm, representing a young husband and wife.  Throughout the game, players attempt to gather resources, build fences, plow fields, grow grain or vegetables, etc., in an effort to establish a diversified farm by the end of round 14.  It is fun because no matter how poorly you are doing, there is always something on the farm you can be working on (just like in real life).  Also, around round 9 or 10, you begin to realize that there is absolutely no way you can get everything done in time (just like in real life), so you start to prioritize (just like in real life).

Gina, Caleb, Meagan, & I have had immense fun playing Agricola over the last 5 months.  We have shown the game to some friends and some are overwhelmed by it while others love it.  My Mom (Oma) just won her first game this past week.  My Dad (Opa), on the other hand, is not a big fan.  I have to work on him to make him a big fan.  I want to keep playing Agricola!


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  1. I grew up and went to school in Agricola. The real town and school of Agricola. I’m going to have to buy that game. One for me and one for my mom who also graduated from Agricola.

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