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Settlers of Catan

Last night, we had a friend come over for dinner and he brought a new board game he had recently bought, Settlers of Catan.

Settlers of Catan

We all played together, with our guest helping Meagan and the rest of us playing on our own. It was probably a bit too much of a boy game for the whole family to always enjoy playing together. Gina struggled throughout the game, although she had a respectable finish. Caleb did quite well during the game, despite being in a tough spot — he raised the largest army, which really satisfied him. He kept wanting to use his army to wipe out one of my settlements! I looked like I was doing really well throughout the game, but ended up losing at the very end to Meagan and our guest.

I know Meagan had a good time because she got to play the game with our guest.

It was definitely a fun game for the entire family and one that I wish we had in our inventory.

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Whizbang projects

Yesterday I got really antsy, I think because I was bored.  I really want a project to work on, and all this waiting is killing me.  We will be trying to make payments on the farmhouse so that we can pay down the mortgage, so I know I shouldn’t spend money.  But last night I really wanted to start a project.  I really considered starting work on a whizbang chicken scalder.  I perused the book again, but began to realize that this was a $1000+ project.  One of the first pieces I need is a LP gas water heater.  I could use an older one, but finding one of the right size might be a challenge.  I guess I better try, though.  The best alternative to a used water heater is one I found on e-bay for $249, but it would also cost $85 to ship!  The other expensive item is a geared motor that will cost close to $300!  Ugh!  I think I will stick with just trying to finish off the whizbang chicken plucker with a handle, wheels, and an automatic watering system.


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