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My Cabinet

The other day, I was thinking about who I would appoint to my cabinet if I was ever President of the United States.  For whatever reason, this idea has tickled my fancy, so maybe I can take a stab at it here:

Agriculture – Joel Salatin. This is the easiest one of the bunch, because I know him as a man on the national stage and I know his model for agriculture and trust it completely.  He is also a Christian.

Commerce – ?  I’m open to suggestions on this one.  I assume this is a position that would do well to stay.  I would probably want it to be someone who understands the value of community-based industries and who doesn’t support the ideas of increased urbanization.  When Joel Salatin talks about his food distribution model, he is sometimes confronted with the question, what do you do about New York City?  His response is, who says we need a New York City?

Defense – The former Secretary of War position should be filled by someone who has no interest in going to war.  War should only be resorted to for the most pressing of national interests (WWII is a good example).

Education – John Holzmann, owner of Sonlight Curriculum.  There are many reasons for selecting this man, not the least of which is that he is a Christian who created a literature-based curriculum for homeschools, particularly for homeschooled children of foreign missionaries.  He understands some of the most important methods of education and what is most important for children to learn and when they should learn it.  Of course, he would only be in this position until he convinced me it was time to abolish the department of education.  One of my principal beefs with the republican party is that even though it claims to be the party of small government, they have created at least the most recent two additions to the president’s cabinet.

Energy – I don’t know, I am thinking maybe Dan Chiras. Dan Chiras paid his last electric bill in June of 1996. It is not that he has disavowed the use of electricity and modern conveniences, but rather that he has turned to the sun and wind to meet his family’s needs.  This is the kind of person who should be leading our energy department — not a man who lives in a 10,000 sq ft home, consuming large quantities of carbon-based energy, but then buying carbon offsets (from a company owned by himself).

Health & Human Services – ?

Homeland Security – ?

Housing and Urban Development – Do we need this?

Justice – Attorney General of the United States?  I’m not sure I know anyone who I would want to fit this bill.

Labor – Do we need this?

State – Very important position, and one I would want to be filled by someone who wants to return us to — not really an isolationist state like pre-WWI, but definitely not the world police that we have become. 

Interior – I like the idea of protecting our national parks, landmarks, monuments, etc.  But couldn’t this be a really inexpensive department to run?

Treasury – ?

Transportation – ?

Veterans Affairs – A retired mid-grade officer or senior NCO who has always been active in retired affairs

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