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Rough Week

This has been a rough week for me personally.  A praise, though, to start it off — my parents returned to the mission field yesterday!  They left the United States for a 2-3 year stay in the Ukraine.  Please pray that God would work in and through them and they glory will be brought to Jesus’ name.

On Tuesday I learned that a friend at work who has been married for twenty-two years just found out his wife is cheating on him.  This is so devastating because I admire this man so much — so to learn of his wife’s infidelity is crushing.  How can she do this to such a great man?  And how can such a great man be made to suffer so much?

Then yesterday I learned that another friend of mine was killed in Afghanistan.  It is true that this is one of the hazards of our profession, but let’s face it, the Air Force doesn’t typically spend much time on the front lines.  At this point, I only know that he died of wounds received — I don’t know any details.  He was such a wonderful, considerate man.  He volunteered to go to Afghanistan for a year so that his family wouldn’t have to relocate.  He had an amazing capacity to love, especially children, and he and his wife had been very active in adopting.

Of course, this is part of why I want out — I don’t want to go back to Iraq and face death again.  It is bad enough on the highways around Phoenix — Iraq could be downright terrifying.

Only 61 days left, but who’s counting?

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