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Pastured Pork

My wife created a blog just for offerings from our farm, U-Turn Family Farm.  Today, she posted that we have pastured pork available.  You can check it out here.

We have pastured pork to offer for sale! The pigs will be sold based on their live weight (ranging from 160-230 lbs), at $1/lb, and delivered to a Johnson County meat locker. From there, you can pick up your meat or we can arrange a delivery. You are responsible for processing costs. If a whole pig is too much meat, find a friend who would be willing to split it with you!

These pigs were raised on their mama for the first 4 months of life. Then, they were moved out to a large 2-acre pasture where they root and dig to their heart’s content. They eat on pasture, as well as some supplemental feed.

Contact us by email if you’d like more information on getting your pastured pork.

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