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Oma & Opa here

Oma & Opa (my parents) are here for a brief visit before they return to the mission field.  My dad was a grocery store manager since before I can remember, but two years ago, he left that work to become a missionary.  In January of last year, he and my mom went to Ukraine on a “short-term” mission until November.  After they returned, they received all kinds of training and were approved as second-career missionaries to Ukraine.  They have been raising support and have reached the level of support they need.  Here is a link to their team’s website.  So, in one week they leave to go back to Ukraine, this time for 2-3 years (I think 2 years is the official number, 3 years is what they keep talking about).

In preparation for their return to Ukraine, my parents sold their house last month and packed all their stuff into two packrat units.  In December they plan on coming back to the States for a visit (to see their new grandchild!) and they plan to move all their stuff from Delaware to Nebraska.  That should be interesting.

We don’t really have any plans for their visit, but the kids are excited about getting to play with their grandparents.  We will be going back to the airport this morning to welcome my friend and co-worker home from Iraq, but otherwise these few days are wide open with possibilities.

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My Parents

It is amazing to me how time flies.  I regularly check other blogs, and think to myself how irresponsible it is to have a blog and not have new entries every time someone visits, but then I go and do the same thing!  My excuse is that my parents came to visit over the last week.  They got in on Wednesday evening and the kids loved having them around to play with. 

On Saturday, they went with us to Meagan’s first T-Ball game of the season.  What a great time we all had.  Meagan even scored the first run of the season!  She did it the best way — one base at a time.  On her second at-bat, she made it to first but then was forced out at second on the next play.  On her third at-bat, she was forced out at first.  I think she had a good time — I am trying to maintain the excitement for her.

Yesterday, we went over to the Arizona Mills mall and just walked around during the heat of the day.  Temperatures here are already into the 90s.  Unfortunately, my parents had to leave this morning.  My Dad hopes to come back through one more time before they return to Ukraine.

For those of you who don’t know, my parents are second-career missionaries to Ukraine.  Last year they were in Ukraine from February through November.  Then they returned home to go through a bunch of courses and to be certified as second-career missionaries, and to raise the support they need to return.  Their plan is to return to Odessa, Ukraine, in July for a two-year visit.  We are going to miss them incredibly, but they are engaged in very important work.

Oh, they are missionaries through Mission to the World, which is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America.

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