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Caleb’s Birthday

Last Friday was Caleb’s 8th birthday!  It seems so hard for me to believe that my little boy is 8 years old!  We had a great day; I was able to take off from work and we spent the day together.  Caleb & I went to the base and got to fly in Lockheed Martin’s F-16 simulator.   What a blast that was.  We got to sit in the cockpit of an F-16, with video all around us, and we flew the jet around the west valley.  Caleb sat on my lap, so I had a tough time seeing most of the instruments, and his head was right in front of the HUD.  At the end of our time, we got to chase down a B-52; again, alot of fun.  A special thanks to Lockheed Martin for allowing us in, and to Jon Burgess at Apple for arranging it.

Friday night, Caleb got to open his gifts, which included a set of Legos from his sister, a throwing knife and video from Gina & I, and boxing gear from his Grandpa in Texas.  The throwing knife came from Pearl Outdoors.  Caleb also got a Nerf dartgun set, complete with vests and protective eyewear, that he and I played with on Saturday and had a great time.  Overall, he got some great gifts for his birthday, and he is so thankful. 

Also, Caleb’s grounding ended finally.  Caleb had been grounded several weeks ago for lying, and his punishment was that he could not leave our sight until his birthday.  His punishment has been served, and I think it was a great time, forcing us to spend more time together, tomato-staking.

What a blessing Caleb is.

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